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Sakura-Crisis.net's Community

s-c fan drivel. spread the love~

Sakura-Crisis.net fan community
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This is the community for Sakura-Crisis scanlations, maintained by your friendly neighborhood Katze (mikage). Pester her if you have any problems.

I've created this community to mostly post updates and about new licenses so you can read about it on your livejournal instead of having to check the site constantly ^^;

There are a few rules though --

1) You must have a livejournal and be a member of the community to post to the community, but you do NOT have to have a livejournal to post comments to any entries. (But why not get one? It's fun, easy, and free!)

2) Be courteous. Treat others as you would like to be treated. Flame wars, rude comments, etc, will not be tolerated and will result in deletion of comments and possibly banning from the community. There is a difference between flaming and constructive criticism.

3) Feel free to post your fan art and fanfiction of our scanlations! It is muchly encouraged (as you may have noticed we're quite lacking in the updating of fanworks x3)

4) Please don't make posts/comments about when we will update -insert title here-. We update what we can, when we can. If 5 chapters of Love Mode are readily available, we'll update with them. If we don't have Yami no Matsuei to update with, we won't.

5) Put fiction, art, or anything with potential spoilers behind an LJ cut with a spoiler tag in the post title. ( to do an lj cut, the code is [lj-cut text="whatever you want it to say"] your fic/story/whatever [/lj-cut]. replace the brackets [] with <>)

6) Do not post unauthorized scanlations (meaning if you think we're going too slow and scanlate something of ours on your own... well, why the heck didn't you offer to help us?). You may, however, contact Katze to ask permission to post something you've scanlated completely on your own that has nothing to do with our actual projects (other than perhaps a common series/author - doujinshi, random one-shot, whatever).

Sakura-Crisis Message Board

IRC Channel: #sakura-crisis @ irc.irchighway.net

(crisisdreams is a moderator, but she's a lazy b'yatch :P)